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NEW STAGE 2010-2013

Since its opening in January 2010 the New Stage of the National Theatre has represented an open concept of contemporary theatre. However, due to restructuring of the NT as of 1 January 2014 the New Stage including Laterna magika is going to fall under the administration of the Drama Ensemble of the NT. It is practically the end of one era of the existence of the New Stage, the end of the concept applied by Štěpán Kubišta and his team.

In the last five years the New Stage of the National Theatre has become an establishment with particular dramaturgy. Kubišta's model of theatre as 'an open stage for the presentation of contemporary art projects' contrasted considerably with the previous era of the New Stage. Between 1992 and 2009 the New Stage only showed performances by Laterna magika with its primary audience composed of foreign tourists. Kubišta with his team took the challenge of offering innovative programme to attract new audience. The second challenge was Laterna magika, which used to be the most celebrated Czech… more


The latest multimedia project of Laterna magika deals with life and works of famous British photographer and inventor Eadweard Muybridge, whose work had crucial impact on development of (not only) photography.

Human Locomotion, new production which deals with visual art as well as dance was created under the leadership of directors Martin Kukučka and Lukáš Trpišovský (SKUTR) with choreography of Jan Kodet, scenography of Jakub Kopecký and music by Petr Kaláb. Contemporary dance, physical theatre and impressive visual art mix together in a project that is a tribute to man whose work has had a great impact on the form of visual media until today. Laterna magika has a lot in common with Eadweard Muybridge’s work – movement, photography, film; those are interference points that connect us with the… more


MARCH AT THE NEW STAGE In April, the New Stage will present a premiere of the Prague Chamber Ballet. For the first time ever, the company collaborates with a tandem of internationally reputed artists, Johann Greben and Uri Ivgi: together they will open a brand new production in Prague. Entitled Beat, the new piece deals with a ritual connecting us to our roots, origins and the Earth. Tackling the secrets we carry within and let break lose in fits of passion, Beat refers to archetypes that are inherently indefinable, universal and timeless, in this very case taking the form of symbols typical of our time and society. more


PEOPLE IN MOTION / DANCE STUDIO The New Stage offer regular contemporary and classical dance lessons for beginners and advanced, given by Czech and foreign instructors. The courses include workshops with guests from abroad. The lessons are tailored to participants’ abilities. The main aim is enjoying exercise and staying fit. more


WONDERFUL CIRCUS GOES DIGITAL One of the iconic theatre pieces with one of the highest scores of reruns to its account is entering the digital era. Within the last six months, the original film material that has been part of over 6,200 reruns since the premiere in 1977 has been turned into digital version. Each take has been meticulously adjusted, one screen after another, so as to provide the audience with a perfect visual experience, yet not to lose any of its analog charm. Developing the story of two clowns in search of the unattainable ideal of beauty, the creative trio - Evald Schorm, Jiří Srnec and Jan Švankmajer, are bound to enchant you with the unique poetics of the 1970´s. more

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