Mezinárodní sdružení DJs a VJs již počtvrté v Café Nona. Headlinery tentokrát jsou: spoluzakladatel labelu 31337-RECORDS a jeden z pionýrů berlínské minimal scény Sebastian Koch a člen seskupení Easy Changes a šéf moskevského no.1 minimal techno labelu Nervmusic Records. Noc na vlnách rovných beatů od underground minimalu k tech/deep housu podpoří videoprojekce seskupení KinocirKus. Zahraniční hosty dále doplní resident djs DnD akcí: DJ Chepuchov, Sasha Nevolin a Brezhnev.

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Pokračujte dál kliknutím na jednotlivá jména k informacím o DJ´s a VJ´s: DJ Chepuchov Sasha Nevolin Brezhnev KinocirKus.

Sebastian Koch / 31337-RECORDS

For Sebastian Koch it all started in 1996, where he begann to spin Hip Hop records. In 1998 he visited the Tresor club for the first time and was so fascinated by the atmosphere, that his style changed completely. One year later he was playing for the first time at the legendary HEADQUARTER-NEW FACES Nights at the Tresor club. In the year 2005 Sebastian adopted the Berlin studio of the Internet Radio SPIEL-TRIEB, which has its headquarter in Munich and works together with the well known club HARRY-KLEIN. In 2007, together with 2 colleagues (0x7f & Subjunk), he founded the Label 31337-RECORDS. The Label is releasing international Artists such as Someone Else, Cabanne, Miskate, Akiko Kiyama, Ditch, Den, 0x7f, Sven Laux, Easy Changes and others.


Sil (Kirill Silant'ev) was born in Moscow in 1981. Began to play when was 16. As a dj played mostly on open-airs and parties which took place in different exotic places such as basements, deserted building sites and thickets. Sil was the resident of well-known Moscow clubs «Luch» and «territoria». He was influenced mostly by the night ethers of the 106,8 radio station. In the year 2003 Sil began his promoting activity and organized the «nervmusic» creative community. The creative community travels with its techno-parties through different Moscow clubs. Now he is making his own tracks and working as an organizer. Sil also collaborates with Denis Guttersnipe in the project Easy Changes. Easy Changes is a minimal techno project of two friends Kirill Sil and Denis Guttersnipe. Running Nervmusic Records - Moscow first minimal techno label that broadcasts super exciting music From Russia With Love. The Label is releasing international Artists such as Benjamin Fehr, Rudolf, Pheek, Louer, Akiko Kiyama, Andrey Zots and others.

04/05/2012 22.00

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